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Imported JC Higgins Bicycles.

J.C. Higgins  Standard Lightweight.

  • Three speed hub. Weighs 35lbs.
  • Made in either England, France,  Austria or the Netherlands.
  • Available in black, orange, red, blue..
  • Price 40.95 for either boys or girls models.

1956 jchigginsstandard

J.C. Higgins 10 speed racer.

  • Frame is “special steel”. Campagnolo Grand sport gear changer. Wide flange hubs with wing nuts. Tool bag with 3 wrenches.
  • Leather saddle. Coppertone Gold paint, Red….
  • Made in Austria.
  • Price $76.95.

1962 Jc Higgins 10 speed

J.C. Higgins 3 speed lightweight “Cantilever”.

  • 26×1.375 white wall tires. Metallic maroon finish.
  • Made in Austria.
  • Price $48.95

1962 Jc Higgins 3 speed cantilever

J.C. Higgins economy model “Camelback”

  • 24 inch and 26″ model available.  Perry coaster brake hub.
  • Red enamel finish with white mudguards.
  • Possibly English made by Hercules.
  • Price $48.99 for all models.

1957 JC higgins camelback

J.C. Higgins “Straight bar” .

  • 24 and 26 inch models.  26×2 1/8 or 24 1/8 Balloon tires. Coaster brake. 3 piece crank.
  • Boys model is red enamel and girls model is two-tone blue, both with white trim and gold pinstripes.
  • Made in West Germany. Possibly made by the same company which built bikes for Stelber.
  • Price $41.45 for either 26″ boys and girls models.
  • Price $40.45 for either 24″ boys and girls models.

1956 Sears straight bar

1956 J.C. Higgins 26″


  • 26″ Wheels
  • Made in West Germany


Oval badge “Made in Austria”


Oval Badge “Made in England”


Oval import style badge with “Made in U.S.A” text


Rectangular badge “Sold only by”


Simpson-Sears “Made in Holland”


Simpson- Sears “Made in Canada”


Simpson-Sears  “Made in England”


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wow, we have that 10 speed racer in our garage, complete & original minus the tire pump & tool bag. it is/was my father’s. that saddle is a real ass-splitter.

Comment by Justin

wow is right!
I have that 10 speed racer as well with out the tire pump/ Im still rideing it too it sure gets lots of looks. just what does this racer sell for now???? i bet its not no $77.00 bucks now

Comment by Kevin cooper

It’s hard to estimate the value with bikes like this.

Comment by solex5000

I was given a ladies, 3 speed black J.C. Bicycle. I don’t know anything about it, as far as when it was made, or what it may be worth. Any thoughts???

Comment by Laurie

Chances are it’s late 1950’s through 1960’s, later on Sears dropped the JC higgins name for “Free spirit”. I’m assuming its probably an Austrian made model, since they were the most common.The country will be listed on the head badge. Most of the imported Jc Higgins bikes (especially ladies models) aren’t particularly valuable. The good news is that they were pretty solidly built bikes, and ride well.

Comment by solex5000

I recently obtained one of the JC Higgins 10 speeds and am curious. Do you know what year this catalog is from? I would like to know more about these bikes. The internal brake routing is really cool. These bikes must have been special for their time. I wonder if the “special steel” is Reynolds? This bike is considerably lighter then my 60 and 61 Schwinn Continentals., but has quite a bit of the same equipment.

Comment by kevin risch

  • The image is from the 1962 Sears catalog. I don’t know that they used “Name brand” tubing, but the frames are fairly light for that era, especially for a bike from the department store. The Austrian models were made by Steyr-Puch. They sold their own version of the 10 speed called the Steyr clubman I believe. That might help you in your research. The Jc Higgins 10 speed would have been about ten bucks cheaper than the standard Schwinn continental.
  • Comment by solex5000

    Thanks for the info, it is much appreciated. I have read that the JC higgins line was discontinued by Sears around that time and changed to the Ted Williams line. My bike is identical to the ad but is missing the leather saddle and bag. I have seen some in pictures that look the same age but are huret equipped instead of campy, and do not have the chrome fork and chrome rear dropouts. One gentleman said that he bought one new and that they were special order only. Would like to figure out what year mine is. Any idea if there is a serial number database for jc higgins out there anywhere?

    Comment by kevin risch

    Just purchased a J.C Higgins red frame which was made in England. I has two little hooks on down tube and the seal says “Made for Sears in Conventry of Warwickshire, England”. Any idea on year or worth? Thanks!

    Comment by Marco Bravo

    The date is likely sometime in the early fifties. If it has a 3 speed sturmey archer rear hub there will be a date code stamped on it. I can’t really help much with the value, it’ll vary quite a bit depending on condition, location, etc. You might look at completed listings on ebay to get an idea of what similar bikes have sold for. Hope that helps.

    Comment by solex5000

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